Sports Facilities

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Sports are an integral part of any educational institute and our college too strives hard to offer a conductive and healthy environment to all its sports persons. Our institute gives due attention to this significant dimension of our students’ overall developments. 
Moreover we have an excellent sports faculty in our college that works with dedication towars bringing out the best in the students. 
College provides special facilities to sports persons of various games like cricket, basketball, badminton, football, volleyball, yoga, archery, cycling, table tennis, Gymnastics, Taekwondo and Judo etc. College has its own 400 meter Athletic Track, Hockey Ground, volley ball court and Badminton Court. Keeping in mind the traditions of Institutions the college encourages the sports persons and also gives prizes to motivate the students.
The academy aims to provide the emerging talents with a comfortable coaching atmosphere where these upcoming players can develop new skills. The various courses offered by the academy are off-seasonal and individual camps, high seasonal camps etc. 
Providing quality cricket training, opportunity to learn from the experts with world-class cricketing infrastructure in a fun and innovative environment is the main motto of the academy. All the trainers at this cricket academy are well trained and professionals.The most important objective of the Cricket Academy is to develop the players' personal confidence and knowledge about the modern cricket techniques. Feeling part of a team is an invaluable experience for young players – whether at a club or college.