Ban on Ragging

Stop Ragging

As per the directives of the MHRD Govt. of India/ UGC regulation 2009 for controlling ragging in educational institutions, DIMT Institutions are very well prepared to prevent any possible ragging incident in any Institute. Ragging is strictly prohibited in or outside the DIMT Campus.
Special flying squads have been formed to check any possible ragging incidents at potential public places like parks, hostels, college campus, canteen etc. Moreover, Institutions have identified various locations in the campus where anti ragging boards have been installed. These boards mainly depict:

Banning of Ragging in the Institute.
Quantum and nature of punishments to defaulters.
Helpline numbers of institute officials. Institutions have also installed Ragging Complaint Boxes in all first Year's Hostel messes. These boxes are opened and checked daily by the members of The Anti Ragging Squad.

Any one indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately. The punishment may also take the shape of:

Every single incident of ragging a First Information Report (FIR) will be filed with the local police authorities .
Suspension or expulsion from the college .
Suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess and the like .
Withholding scholarships or other benefits.


The Students are advised to read carefully the following instructions based on orders of the hon'ble supreme court of india regarding ragging:

Ragging is educational institutions is banned and anyone including in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately with punishment which may include expulsion from the institution , Suspension from the institution or classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology. The punishment may also take the shape of

1)   Withholding scholarships or other benefits,

2)   Debarring from representation in event ,

3)   Withholding results,

4)    Suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess, and the like. If the individuals committing or abetting ragging are ot/cannot be identified, collective punishment can be awarded to act as a deterrent.

Definition of ragging provided by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India includes "ragging as any act which violates the dignity of the individual students or is perceived to violate his/her dignity." The ragging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with freshers but a form of psychopathic behaviour and a reflection of deviant personalities. It reproduces the entrenched power configurations prevalent n civil society. Ragging can be either of the following forms or the acts:-

A. Verbal: Where senior causes mental harassment, discomfort for the junior by facing him/her to answer unacceptable/personal , dance , sing etc. is said to rag the junior. It also includes its ambit cyber ragging. Punishment : 1 year imprisonment with fine.
B. Severe Verbal Ragging: Where the mental harassment, discomfort is to such an act as forces the junior to withdraw from the college.Punishment:7 year imprisonment with fine.
C. Physical: Any act by the senior towards the junior which inflicts bodily injury on the junior. Like beating the junior, hitting him/her with objects etc. Punishment: 7 year imprisonment with fine.
D. Sexual Ragging: Where the senior asks the junior to do an act which damages sexual dignity of the junior. Punishment:7 year imprisonment with fine.
All legal disputes relating to Examination/Admission of students will be subject to courts having Jurisdiction in sirsa.