Mission And Vision

Our Mission:
     AATMA DEEPO BHAVA (Let the light within guide you)
•    To impart quality education to the students from backward classes and first generation learners from economically challenged backgrounds, thereby encouraging inclusive growth.
•    To prepare the students to see beyond geographical limit and belong to a new age of acquisition 
•    To offer courses to the students for enhancing professionalism, humanism and social responsibility through quality education.
•    To inculcate values of discipline, hard-work, team-spirit, scientific tempers and to develop critical thinkers.
•    To optimize the use of available infrastructure for sustained development of the college.
•    To supplement and enrich the existing curriculum through seminars and extension lectures by eminent scholars.
•    To adequately assess and address the special needs of backward students through the implementation of Remedial Programmes.


Our Vision:
Raising& Strengthening  Rural and  Minority Potential.
•    To be an internationally acclaimed Institute, recognized for excellence in teaching, research and outreach;
•    To empower all sections of society through holistic education centered on academics.
•    To instill in our students moral values, discipline and dynamism along with imparting quality education.
•     To impart horizontal and vertical growth to the career of its students i.e. to provide the highest quality education to students, nurture their talent, promote intellectual growth and shape their personal development.
•    To encourage greater participation of students in various academic, cultural and social activities and to develop healthy co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.
•    To provide a platform to education seekers coming from varied backgrounds of the society for gaining value   based learning with equal opportunity.
•    To uplift the standard of students so as to meet the market requirements of becoming employable and developing entrepreneurship.
•    To remain dedicated and steadfast in the pursuit of truth and serve humanity through the creation of well-rounded, multi-skilled and socially responsible global citizens.